Katheryn Leopoldseder

Australian jeweler and artist Katheryn Leopoldseder produces limited-edition handmade jewelry as well as large-scale objects d'art. In both forms, her work reflects on the sacredness of life and the many connections between the body and the natural world. She uses both traditional and unconventional methods to create her jewelry, which is characterized by a contemporary use of pearls and richly colored semiprecious stones, interspersed with handcrafted silver and gold elements. Leopoldseder’s Shadow Collection playfully uses both the front and back of the ear to create earrings that can be layered for depth and versatility, while her Sea Collection reflects summers spent on Australia’s iconic beaches. Her Urban Flowers are architectural in form, representing the unexpected encounters with nature that take place in cities. Since graduating with honors from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Leopoldseder has become a founding member of Melbourne's Abbotsford Convent arts and cultural precinct. 


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