Doris Berner

Swiss born Doris Berner creates innovative designs using organic and geometric principles. After completing her studies in technical and textile design, Berner worked in haute couture and as a lecturer; she opened her atelier for textile jewelry in 2000. While she crafted her early work from exquisite jacquard, her pieces have evolved over the years to include other elements. Her latest collection, named Lucy after the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” includes possibly the lightest jewelry in the world—a necklace weighs less than an ounce. Besides silk and microfiber fabric, stones or glass give shape to each piece. The work is extremely elastic and resilient, precluding the need for a clasp. These novel, airy designs captivate wearers with their iridescent, sensual elegance. Berner’s art reflects her curiosity about new forms, unconventional production methods and handcrafts—and her passion for jewelry.


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