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Ute Decker

Ute Decker is a London-based artist-jeweler. Her unique and limited edition creations are described as ‘wearable sculptures’, and are minimalist yet confidently sculptural. One of the first jewelers in the world to champion Fairtrade gold, Decker selects only the finest sustainable materials, either 100% recycled silver or gold sourced from the small Sotrami artisanal mining cooperative in the highlands of Peru to handcraft her unique pieces of jewelry.

Her work is suggestive of an architectural language playing with volume, space and movement until the choreography of the clean geometric lines and the dynamic curvatures are distilled into an evocative construction.  Described as ‘geometric poetry’, the resulting visually compelling sculptures with their rich textures and unique presence exude a seemingly effortless serenity.

An important concept in Decker’s work is the interactive experience. She invites the wearer to continue the creative process as her pieces can often be worn in many different configurations.

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