Myriam Bottazzi

Italian jeweler Myriam Bottazzi designs and produces body ornaments under the label Myriam B.  Her ongoing search for quality materials has led her to incorporate yarns, fabrics, sequins, rough semiprecious stones and metals, as well as feathers and other elements of nature. Each piece in this collection, Nonspecific Sequins, derives its beauty from the representation of fragility. The lightness of Bottazzi’s volumes is created by imperfect circles and squares, ragged, worn and repeated, which suggest ephemeral forms of nature: raindrops, peach trees in bloom and desert roses. Though her sequins are made out of cellulose acetate, the same material used to make mass-produced versions, Bottazzi’s are hand-crafted, exaggerated in shape and volume, and completely individual. Their colors are smoky and opaque, never brilliant. Each piece offers a tribute to the imperfect, a creative, intimate and instinctive journey unbound by time and fashion.


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