Cai-Xuan Wu

Jeweler Cai-Xuan Wu, who is based in Taiwan, uses acrylic as the main medium. She transforms this basic industrial material by shaping it into organic forms that bring it to life. Through handmade processes including knitting, these pieces—reminiscent of sea-life—exude the freedom, fluidity and vitality of nature. By using acrylic to create such life-like forms, Wu challenges the sensory perception of soft and hard, prompting people to reevaluate the relationship between nature and the ever-changing world that surrounds us. Her works also demonstrate the beauty of knitting in structural three-dimensional forms. Wu’s use of non-textile elements transitions this traditional craft into a contemporary art technique, pushing the boundaries of both materials and processes. The artists completed her master’s degree at Birmingham City University School of Jewellery in the UK.


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