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Ariane Hartmann

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, Ariane Hartmann started a classic goldsmith apprenticeship and earned her degree in 1994. During her studies she spent 7 months in Vienna at the well-known gallery of Veronica Schwarzinger, Gallery V&V, Vienna.  Upon graduation she began to study jewelry and product design and started her own studio together with three other jewelry designers in Düsseldorf called Studio c/o-vier. It was there that she started her successful Mottodesign Collection working mainly with letters. Mottodesign allows the wearer to connect with the unconscious and also jewelry, with regular letter ornament. In 2008, Hartmann became a mother and moved to a quieter city, Hagen, where she is able to further develop ways of using letters. There she developed WITHIN WORD which is a work collection that has various shapes. In 2009 she opened her own studio where she works and exhibits not only her own work but also the work of other jewelers and designers. Then in 2012 a new way of working started with a customer request. Using self-made matrixes she rolls pictures onto the material. There is always further development within her work that comes from nature, the environment, and other people – simply from life. She is always trying to touch the wearer’s mind to connect with their unconscious.  

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