Julika Rudelius, What is on the Outside

Fri, Mar 16–Thu, Jul 5

still from Dressage, 2009, image courtesy of the artist

This spring, MAD presents a survey of the German born artist Julika Rudelius’ cinematic works.  Occupying the space between fact and fiction, Rudelius explores the boundaries between narrative, documentary and cinema vérité.  By addressing a series of subjects ranging from the American wealthy elite, fashion conscious European immigrants, political trainees, to sex obsessed youth, Rudelius remixes the partially staged testimonials from her subjects to construct eye-opening, sometimes startling, statements about the roles of fashion, materialism, self worth, and identity within in a capitalist society.

Works Include

One of Us
2010, HD, 29:05 min


2009, HD 14:00 min


2007, Video 4:50 min


2006, Video, 16:40 min


Your blood is as red as mine
2004, Video, 15:40 min


Family Times
2004, Video 6:00 min


2003, Video 16:40 min


Looking at the other/ desire
2003, Video 3:00 min


2001, Video 6:20 min

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