Program Details
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 2:00 pm
$25 general / $20 members and students
6th floor - classroom, MAD

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 2:00 pm
Program Description

Focus on a feeling, accomplishment, sacred object, or idea, and through the meditative wrapping process this workshop will transform this initial feeling into a tangible object. The body of the piece can be a small cloth pillow, layered cardboard/paper or folded metal mesh, or any other material. Precious objects or written words can be placed within. Participants will then embellish the outer surface with more words, beads, ribbon, thread, or bits of cloth. Binding will be incorporated for neck attachment or tassels. After perfecting Debra's knotless netting, the top layer/veiling will create additional “shrouding” to each sacred amulet. These amulets can be worn, carried or placed in a special place. Give some thought to a sentiment or memento that will be the base within your special piece. All materials will be supplied except for any personal special stones, beads, buttons and written statements that participants wish to include.

Debra Rapoport is an artist, performance artist, teacher and (LIFE)style artist/healer. She has been featured in Advanced Style, New York Magazine, FiberScene, and has taught at University of California, New York University, and Banff School of Art. Debra continues to create objects and herself as mixed media sculptural forms. “Dressing Up, Over and Again” allows her to express her mood and alter it to benefit the quality of her life and, hopefully, those she encounter. Debra’s hope is to inspire others to be themselves and create from “within” and express it “without”. This is the healing power of style!

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