Visit Emma Sulkowicz every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at MAD's Artist Studios.

Emma Sulkowicz earned a BFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University and studied studio art in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. They are perhaps best known for their senior thesis at Columbia, Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight), an endurance performance artwork in which they carried a dorm mattress everywhere on Columbia’s campus for as long as they attended the same school as their attacker.

At MAD, Sulkowicz will continue their series “The Floating World,” merging two Japanese techniques, traditional ropework and contemporary fake food. Sulkowicz studied antique ukidama—traditional glass floats that suspend fishnets—to develop a hybrid weaving/knotting technique to suspend portraits of their relationships with loved ones. The series reimagines the artist’s “network,” that which breaks their fall, as “community.” Sulkowicz has also developed techniques for making hyperrealistic food with nonhazardous silicone and epoxies, which they incorporate into the portraits to explore the nuances of “sustaining” and “sustenance.”

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