Naomi Mishkin, born in New York City, is currently finishing her undergraduate degree in Glass at the Rhode Island School of Design. The range of materials with which she works is constantly evolving and includes both the traditional and unconventional. For example her work has included blown and cast glass, fibers, video and printmaking as well as lemons, thousands of rubber bands, seran wrap and even a coconut. Her work, be it conceptual, experiential, or performative, emerges from a strong desire to explore the relationship between material and artist, material and viewer. What do the words “to make” actually mean? Is making ever finished? Artist, material, viewer. Does that sequence sound right to you?

Current Studio Artists

Fabiola Jean-Louis , Sculpture, Tuesday

Amir R. Hariri , Sculpture, Wednesday

Anna Riley , Interdisciplinary, Thursday

Johannah Herr , Fiber and Sculpture, Friday

Luam Melake , Mixed Media and Design, Saturday

Mimi Bai , Sculpture, Sunday

Lexy Ho-Tai , Textiles and Performance, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


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