The Museum of Arts and Design has a long-standing history of supporting internships that provide meaningful, engaging and project-based opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level students throughout the year.  These positions are available in several departments and allow the participants to gain invaluable work experience at a non-profit visual arts organization as they prepare to continue their studies, pursue careers in the arts, or apply their experience to other fields.

General Requirements

All applicants must:

  • Attend an institution of learning with courses leading to a degree, certificate or diploma
  • Applicants are eligible during periods when school is not in session, if:
    • Applicants were students the previous semester
    • Applicants have not yet graduated or completed educational requirements of the program
    • Applicants have graduated, but are starting a new academic program within six months
  • Be a US citizen or completing residence requirements for a degree such as those required of medical or pharmaceutical students

Internship Sessions

SUMMER: Start week of June 1

FALL: Start week of September 15


Curatorial Department: Library Intern

This internship is dedicated to creating a small, specialized research library that will support the immediate needs of curatorial staff and visiting researchers at the Museum of Arts and Design. At the core of any museum is its exhibition program. In order to curate the most successful exhibitions a great deal of research is needed. MAD is in need of a library to support this research, as well as its position as the preeminent craft museum in the US. The intention of this library is to provide essential resources that reflect new and growing scholarly literature on craft history and theory, including books, periodicals, online resources, and important exhibition catalogs, focusing on craft and contemporary art.

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The Library Intern will evaluate and create an updated library that is fully functional for use by MAD curators and researchers. The intern will be responsible for:

  • Evaluating the current library’s holdings, identifying key missing texts, and deaccessioning material not pertinent to a craft research library
  • After evaluating the current library holdings, the intern will create a proposal for a cataloging system, relevant to a small museum library, such as LibraryThing or another program to be identified
  • The intern will complete the project by adding the new books and resources to the library and cataloging in full
  • Other archiving related responsibilities may include: helping to maintain the artist and exhibition files

An internship supporting the creation of a small, specialized research library with an emphasis on new studies and other contemporary resources in craft history and theory is a unique and rare opportunity for students of library science and/or the history of craft, decorative arts, or design. The internship will provide hands-on experience in the field of bibliographic research, library cataloging, and project management essential to careers in library science, exhibition curating, and collections management.


The Library Intern should be a graduate student obtaining a master’s degree in library science (preferably library science with a focus on art museum libraries), the history of craft, the decorative arts and/or design, archival studies, or a related field. Knowledge of art from the post war period to the present is required. The intern must be able to receive academic credit as a matriculated graduate student for this internship, and must be available 2-3 days per week. (S)he must be a self-motivated critical thinker able to work independently, as well as maintain high levels of organization.

To apply for this internship please send (1) a cover letter outlining your interests and relevant qualifications for this position, (2) a resume, and (3) 2-3 references to Samantha De Tillio at samantha.detillio@madmuseum.org with “Library Intern” in the subject line. Please also outline your academic needs for obtaining credit, for instance number of hours fulfilled, etc., as well as your availability (days of the week, number of days per week).

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


Education Department: Interpretive Programs Intern

Interpretive programs and materials help deepen visitors understanding and relationship with objects on view. These include such things as audio guides and gallery brochures, but also the preparation of gallery guides and special programs associated with exhibitions. Additionally, interpretation has a strong visitor experience component that considers closely visitor expectation, behavior and experience.

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Interpretive programs are also concerned with providing consistency in interpretive offerings, consistency in institutional voice, maintaining a strong understanding of educational theory and pedagogy, and translating curatorial content into tangible tools and programs that enrich the visitors experience. Interns reporting to the Manager of Interpretation will:

  • Conduct research related to exhibitions and help to translate artist statements and contextual information into usable resources for gallery guides such as docents and artist educators
  • Gather analytical information about visitor experience, behavior and engagement in exhibitions such as observations and short interviews
  • Review interpretative materials and provide feedback; research interpretive tools at other institutions
  • Participate in training opportunities to deepen knowledge and understanding of museum education, including: docent and educator training sessions, doing gallery worksheets and conducting program observations
  • Prepare reports, summaries and excel worksheets that will help the museum improve the quality of their interpretive tools
  • Assist with administrative responsibilities associated with interpretative programs
  • Must be available 2-3 days a week

To apply for this internship please send a cover letter, writing sample and resume to carli.beseau@madmuseum.org with “Education and Interpretation Intern” in the subject line. Cover letters should outline specific interest in this internship, along with qualifications and skills indicative of a strong candidateship for this opportunity. Writing samples should be no longer than five pages and be representative of skills as a researcher, communicator and translator of ideas into concise, meaningful content. Please also include availability (semester or a full academic year internship).

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.